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Nutrition and Liability Disclaimer

Dietary Information

This website contains recipes that may claim to adhere to a certain diet or not contain certain ingredient(s). However, we cannot control what you create in your kitchen, and are not responsible if the ingredients that you use are not consistent with any claims a recipe on this site makes to adhere to a diet. Furthermore, we are not nutritionists, and only supply dietary information as a convenience, and do not guarantee accuracy. We recommend that you consult a licensed nutritionist to verify any dietary information. We are not responsible for the outcomes of a recipe not adhering to any dietary classification.

Nutrition Information

We are not licensed nutritionists, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of any nutritional information provided on this site. Nutritional information is gathered from third party sites. Nutritional content may change depending on the ingredients you use, and how much you consume. We are not responsible for the inaccuracy of any nutritional information.


Cooking is a dangerous activity, and by recreating any of the recipes on this website, you are doing so at your own risk. We are not responsible, not liable, and do not assume any obligation for any reactions of or injuries to you or any others as a result of the recreation of any recipe on this site, including but not limited to:

Remember that recipes are only rough guidelines, and the variables in your kitchen may be different than the variables involved in the creation of the written recipe. This includes but is not limited to atmospheric pressure, local humidity, oven temperature, and ingredient quality and/or volume. All of these factors can lead to different outcomes, including undercooked or raw foods. When attempting to recreate a recipe, you must do so at your own risk and use your own judgement.